For the past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with Ghost and I’ve been absolutely loving it, I love the interface, and I love everything about it.



I decided that the Ghost blog will be more tightly focused on my journey to starting a business and hacking productivity. I’m going to start experimenting building a blog with a specific audience in mind. Here are some of the posts I’ve written:

This isn’t just me talking about my struggles though, this is also my way of sharing what I learned and hoping someone will also learn with me. Hopefully, if you all want to be updated, join me in my tiny newsletter.

So, with the way I’m waxing poetic about it I guess there’s no surprise when I announce that I’ll be moving all my blogging activities to the Ghost platform (although this blog will always remain here) but one of the things I love about Ghost is that it uses Markdown.

And its such a difference when I write with Markdown, it feels more natural somehow. 

My other big announcement is that I finally bought a domain name andnot only will I be using Ghost as my blogging platform but I’ll also be blogging on


Its been fun wordpress but I think its time for me to strikeout on my own! Thanks for the memories, and who knows I might comeback! Life is unexpected and mysterious that way!