Fill in the Gap


Almost a year ago I had my lightning strike moment and since then I’ve volunteered for the Mozilla Philippines Community, participated in a number of Developer and Designer events and met a lot of new and fascinating people. It was fascinating to be among the Developers, Designers, Evangelists, and Volunteers they’re all passionate and engaging people always welcoming to strangers and willing to share their knowledge .

Being around them cemented the feeling that I really do want to be in this industry.

I could feel it in my bones, and it still amazes me to this day that it took me this long to figure out. Even though I’ve graduated a decade ago (has it really been that long?) I feel like I’m starting anew again. There are so many possibilities open and, yet, I also feel like there’s a lot I have to trudge through in order to really feel like I could be part of the industry.

My main barrier to entry was I wasn’t a developer nor was I a designer.

I knew that there were other jobs that didn’t involve a lot of technical knowledge but I still find myself searching.

And then I found it.

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