Times they are a-changin’ (Again)

I’ve had the ‘change’ title before, its hard to imagine that the tune is still the same but there were some big changes that happened in my life. Some bad, some good.

For one, this blog will be a personal blog, or maybe, more accurately I’m restarting this blog with a different purpose than before.

I’ve been going around in a fog, always wanting something more and a lot jealous of people who get to do what they love. The search has been constant and today, I think, for the first time I think I’m narrowing it down.

So, this blog is coming back to life with a purpose, to help me navigate what I want to do. I’m not clear about the what of it but I do know its boiled down to four words: ‘Google’, ‘internet’, ‘learning by doing’, and ‘women in tech’.

So, I’m here to learn and to see what happens.

One thing that has changed so much, reading my Superman post, Tom Welling is my Clark Kent and Erica Durance is my Lois Lane. I was so vehemently against Smallville, that who knew six years later I’ll be eating my own words and end up loving the show so much? Especially in light of the new reboot.

5 thoughts on “Times they are a-changin’ (Again)

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