Da Vinci Code – movie

Quite frankly, all the hoopla over the Da Vinci Code (the book and movie) has me scratching my head. The book was an okay read thugh with a lot of clunky exposition and fun puzzles but the controversial Big Issue it was espousing (Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and have kids) was nothing new. 

The whole issue screaming in our papers about what the movie board was going to do with it just made me roll my eyes so much I had to stop reading the papers for fear of having my eyes fall off.

So, last night my sister and I watched Da Vinci Code and was met with posters that had warning stickers screamed, as if it weren't obvious already, that the movie was based on a fictional story. 

And people say I have a problem distinguishing reality from fiction?

Moving along, I thought, overall, the movie was — well, okay. I expected a lot from it but I guess I was expecting it to play like National Treasure.

The parts I did like  were the moments the movie remembered that  Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) is an academic and  something of a geek. 

I love the part where Teabing (Ian McKellan) and Langdon argued over facts and symbols and when Langdon trails off and remembers some things.

Tom Hanks has proven himself as a very good dramatic actor but I don't think Hanks playing Langdon more or less humorlessly was the right direction. I appreciated Langdon more when some of his humor showed.

But, I have to say, my point of view character will always be the woman, and I appreciate that Sophie's (Audrey Toutou sp?) taken a more semi-action oriented role. I liked that besides doing the car chase, Sophie is at least competent in taking down folks. She maybe a cryptologist but she is a cop.

I also loved the explosive moment where Sophie confronts Silas (Paul Bettany).  I wanted more moments like that with Sophie and I suddenly wanted to see Audrey Toutou(?) in more action oriented roles. I also loved how skeptical she was through out and the wry humor she applied in learning she maybe the heir of Jesus Christ.

But Ian McKellan stole the spotlight everytime he appeared, he was charismatic and dangerous as all the other roles his played and sold me, partly, on one of the problematic moments in the book for me. He really did sincerely believe in what he was doing, and as I've always noted, obsessed true believers are the dangerous kind. 

All in all, it was an okay movie but not something I'd watched again save for the moments I've noted above.  


2 thoughts on “Da Vinci Code – movie

  1. I agree with you on McKellen. He really stole the spotlight with his acting, and I guess his reputation.
    Another part that annoyed me about the film was the whole ‘Minority Report’-like visualization the Langdon can do. For me, it kinda made me think that the director was too lazy to think of something more substantial an execution for his ‘decoding’.

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