Hello world!

Well, I wake-up blinking with the realization that the office has really, truly banned me from blogger and livejournal and the only recourse is to… set-up shop in wordpress.

So, hullo, world! And thanks much to you wordpress, without which I would be so blog deprived it wouldn’t be funny.

Officially I now have four blogs: friendster blog –which I really don’t consider to be *a* blog; xanga –which I’m quite wary about– livejournal –which I classify as my fannish blog and not ablog; blogger — which was the first among its brethren and one I will look at with extreme fondness.  

And now, this.

Actually, I really don’t know what to feel about this blog yet — I don’t know if this would be a regular, or what sort of blog it is. Maybe this could be my work blog, musings on work, on the country, politics.

I shall ponder on this.  



4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Seems like Mr. WordPress has deflowered your comments area, lol!(Actually I do know that it is a default setting, lol!) But WP is indeed a really good blogging service. Don’t you love the interface? ♥

    I really really love your username, by the way. =) It suits for a nice domain name! It is really YOU, too! Pun intended, hee hee!

    I hope that the office doesn’t ban WP over there. Otherwise, there is no point in living. Well, maybe except one point: hot men! =P

  2. I was thinking of removing it but Mr. WordPress seemed so nice… (okay, *scrunches nose* my mind just went to the bad, wrong place).

    I really really love your username, hee… me too! And I *am* planning to use that as a domain name.
    ‘Bout time to use that name, don’cha think? 😉

    Yes, it would be a dirty shame if the office also banned WP, I will cry *buckets*. I was a quivering mass of nerves when they banned blogger and LJ, sure I don’t update often but it was still my prerogative to sign in and sign out as I please…

    Well, at least I had hot men to tide me over;b

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